Shoe designer Jimmy Choo: In England they all look the same

The now globally successful designer Jimmy Choo had it in the beginning, not easy in his adopted hometown. This gave the native Malaysians in an interview with the British women’s magazine “OK!”. Choo was a young student from the Malaysian island of Penang fashion design. In addition, he worked as a waiter and janitor in a shoe factory to the study of finance.


Shoe designer Jimmy Choo

In his first time in the East End of London, he focused mainly on the uniformity that: All the houses looked the same, people all looked the same and they also ate all still the same: pies with mashed potatoes. After all the suffering and hard work paid off: 1988 Jimmy Choo and shortly thereafter the celebrities he ran the door one – including Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana. As once for Diana now he designs shoes for the new fashion icon of the royal family, Duchess Kate. Previously, all the girls would want to have a haircut like Diana , now they all want to look like Kate Middleton, says Choo. The now millionaire designer works not only with the British royal family, but also with countless Hollywood stars in Los Angeles.